Vulnerability & Cyber Security Management

We are developing a vulnerability management solution, a security analyzer and various other solutions related to vulnerability and cyber security management.

Vulnerability Intelligence
We are developing software to collect and process vulnerability data.
We extract usable information from data. CVEs, advisories, web pages, tweets and more.
Security Analyzer
We are developing a security analyzer that includes an OVAL interpreter.
We have in depth experience with Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL).
We believe in automation and our solutions provide all data over REST APIs.
We connect information living in isolated silos to create a single source of information.

Identity & Access Management

We are developing our own OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML solution for relying parties a.k.a. service providers.
Unlike most other vendors, our solution is both small business friendly and enterprise grade.

Our solution supports the latest specifications, even some draft RFCs.
Our solution supports latest Financial-grade API (FAPI) specifications out of the box.
OpenID Connect
We are developing an easy to use OpenID relying party solution that supports all specifications properly and securely.
We enable hassle free OpenID Connect implementations.
We have a solution for service providers who are still using SAML too.
Our solution comes with built-in templates for easy connections to European government systems.